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I’ve plateaued. I am sure this will pass but it is disappointing. I am still intermittent fasting but I am not dropping any weight right now. I’m over-eating in my window,  but it is mainly because I am soooo tired. I tend to mindlessly munch when I’m tired and unfortunately I am past exhausted right now. I’ve been dealing with the drama of hurricane Florence (luckily minor to little damage in my area), a new job, and a sinus infection. Combined these factors have put most of my efforts to lose weight on hold. Fortunately I haven’t gained any weight either. So I am grateful for small victories. Hopefully I can get back on track. I have a vacation coming in the next few weeks, and I am on yet another antibiotic to try to wipe out my sinus infection. That should mean less stress, better sleep, and hopefully less fatigue. Maybe then the scale will start moving in the right direction instead of stubbornly reading the same thing over and over again.

How is it Possible?

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I have a wedding to go to in just 3 short weeks. Flashback-when I brought the dress a little over a month ago I was about 8 lbs heavier. It fit quite nicely. The only complaint I had about it was that my stomach wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be. All in all any issues I had with the dress could be fixed by a spanx slip. A month ago I was sure that all I would need to do this close to the wedding would be to find some shoes to go along with the dress I purchased.
Fast forward to yesterday evening when I decided to try on the dress to see how much “better” it would fit. The dress was looser in the chest, arms, and waist. But somehow I seems that I have lost weight in all the wrong areas. My smaller waist made the dress seem baggy but I still had a bit of a pooch in the stomach area. I’m not even sure how that happened. It’s like the dress looked better with more stomach to fill it out?! Then the dress fell weird on in the thigh area-but my thighs have definitely gotten smaller as per my jeans. I’m at a loss. Either I need to lose another 5 lbs before the event so the dress hangs more like a shift dress or I need to find something else to wear. I can’t figure out how it is possible to lose weight in all the wrong places but I did it.
This is the part of my weight loss journey that is driving me nuts. None of my clothes fit quite right. Everything is baggy in the waist and butt but too tight to go down a size in the thigh/hip area. My tops don’t fit quite right either. I am probably between a sizes and that doesn’t help. Until then I will have to keep making things work I guess.