Sweatin’ the Small Stuff

Probably TMI but I can’t remember the last time I actually sweated under my arms.  I actually think its been over 5 years or more.  Ever since I switched to the over the counter prescription strength antiperspirants underarm sweat and odor have been a thing of the past.  I can even go a day without wearing an antiperspirant and remain shower fresh.

On the surface that sounds great!  I no longer fear hot weather, those embarrassing sweat rings on shirts and dresses, and I no longer have to worry about embarrassing odors in social situations.  The down side is that this is completely abnormal.  I mean I should sweat a little bit when it is 100F outside shouldn’t I?  It doesn’t feel right to me no matter how convenient it is to be perspiration free.

A couple of weeks ago I ran out of my antiperspirant.  It was no biggy the first day or the second day.  A little rubbing alcohol under my arms after my shower in the morning was enough to keep me fresh all day.  But day three completely unnerved me.  Not because I was sweating but because of the horrible stench that seemed to seep out of my pores.   I was trying to figure out where that unearthly stench was coming from and it was me!  It didn’t smell like normal sweat-it smelled like some hot putrid burned body funk that I could never imagine.  I had barely started to perspire and I was stinking up my work area.  I rushed off to the bathroom to clean up and promptly went to buy the deodorant I had put off buying for the past 3 days.

The stink crisis was over but I was still bothered by the way using that antiperspirant had altered my body chemistry to create a funk that rivaled any BO I had ever smelled before.  I didn’t and still don’t like it.  I want to seriously reduce my dependence on the high potency antiperspirant I have been using and switch to a more natural deodorant.  I did a clay underarm detox yesterday and bought 2 scents of Tom’s natural deodorant.  I do know going in I will have to freshen up several times a day.  My plan is to try several types and scents of natural deodorants over the next few months and find one that works best for me.  If anyone has any suggestions let me know!