Doing Something

After last nights weight loss meeting I was feeling reinvigorated.  I had my goal for the week, I had learned some nutrition tips, and I was more determined than ever to do the hard work necessary to change my lifestyle.  Then morning happened.

I woke up with a horrible sinus headache.  I also discovered that the stomach bug that had been circling around my department at work had decided it was my turn for the nauseous fun everyone else had been experiencing.  My healthy eating plans went out the window.  Instead of the barbecue tofu and vegetables I had planned to make for dinner tonight I opted for soup.  On top of all of this my RA decided to join the party!  If any day was to be a complete wash out today should have been the day.  My own body seemed to be conspiring against me to derail my healthy journey today.

I had decided to make an early night of it.  I had already put on my PJs.  The bed was turned down.  The new plan was to mindlessly watch tv until I fell asleep.  But I paused, dropped to the floor, and did 10 push ups.  No it wasn’t a calorie blasting workout.  However it was SOMETHING.  It was me saying to life’s inevitable downs that my health is a priority.  When I can do more I will.  But sometimes it will just be something-and I am fine with that.

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